We are called to be vessels of God, to represent His Son, His Word, His love, His compassion and His power in the latter days of the dispensation of God’s grace in which we walk and live.  We will be witnesses of salvation through Jesus Christ, and witnesses of His healing power.  We know that the Kingdom of God is a spiritual kingdom.  We will teach children and adults about this kingdom.  We will teach young and old to worship and serve the Almighty God with genuine passion and commitment.

The Vision of Harvest Fellowship Church is not a vision that originated with the thinking and planning of man, but a vision that God has placed in this group of believers.  It has been confirmed many times as the will and purpose God has for this church.  We are so certain of this that we know it will come to pass.  It is just a matter of walking daily by faith, and allowing God to work His plan in us.