The Wisdom Barn

Just as you enter the church, it is located to the left of the foyer.

It is the cutest little barn you will ever see in a church. Wendy Herring is the manager of the Wisdom Barn. She does a great job keeping new inventory in. She makes it fun shopping at the Wisdom Barn. For every purchase you are allowed to enter a drawing for a free giveaway. The drawing is done once a quarter. Everone loves to be blessed! It is exciting to see who is the one to walk away with the wonderful gift each time. If you have not shopped at the Wisdom Barn, please stop by and say hello. Look around while you are there. If you do not see anything you need; you could purchase a gift for a loved one. She also has gift certificates. If you do not see what you are looking for, just ask Wendy. She is open for suggestions and request.

Wendy Herring -The Wisdom Barn Manager