Prophetic Word, 1-23-14, The Grapes and Wineskin

While we were worshiping and praying Wednesday morning, 1-22-14 in the House of prayer, I had a vision that spoke to my heart. I felt led to write it down.
As I was worshiping and praying, I saw a cluster of very large grapes everywhere; they were huge in appearance. The grapes were hanging on vines as if they were weighing down the vines.They were a very bright purple in color and looked very juicy, as if they were about to explode, and very slick in appearance, as though they were washed over and over. Those grapes looked very slick looking, like they had been washed over and over. The grapes were filled with so much Joy that they were on the verge of explosion. They looked as though they had been growing for a long time. At this time, I,heard the Spirit say, “they are ready for the picking.”

Then I saw a very old looking wineskin, and it was cracked and rotting. I was excited about the grapes, but was not excited about the wine skin that I visualized. (Matt. 9:17) I felt like I was going to explode with Joy. I heard the Spirit say, “that you can’t put that juice from those grapes in that old rotten wineskin.” Then I heard the Spirit say, “There is a process to get the juice from the grapes to the wineskin.”

Then again, I heard the Spirit say, “Go for the grapes.” I was excited and filled with Joy again, because The Joy of The Lord is our strength. The Spirit revealed to me that pray and worship is going to be what will explode the grapes. I believe that the process of getting the juice from the grapes is what the body is experience right now.

I say, get the wineskins ready, because the Joy is coming. All I know is, let the Joy come and let the Spirit of The Lord be released!

Pastor Pete