Thought of the Day 8-15-17

What are you worried about that hasn’t happened yet. Are you worried about your children? Are you worried about your your medical report? God does not want you to worry about tomorrow. He wants you to know that He gives you all the help you need for today, and when tomorrow comes, so will help from Him.

This is God’s principle even in the Old Testament, when the armies of Moab and Ammon came against King Jehoshaphat, God told the anxious King, “Do not be afraid nor dismayed for the battle is not yours, but God’s. You will not need to fight in this battle just stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” (2 Chronicles 20:15-17)

When the next morning came, King Jehoshaphat saw how God caused such confusion to come upon his enemies’ camp that it brought about their own slaughter. All that fighting in the enemy camp. God’s people merely stood still and saw Him fight the battle for them just as He had promised. If you see a problem looming in your tomorrow, don’t be afraid or dismayed. Look to the Lord, and see His grace and salvation deliver you.

God wants you to live a stress-free life, not one filled with worries about tomorrow’s problems. When tomorrow comes, His grace will be there for you as your help, protection, favor and enabling!